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Is BANKRUPTCY an option?

It is when you choose Charles Kendall, an attorney with the State Bar of Arizona, to help you.

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How Charles Kendall can help you:

When you're in need of legal advice when you're going through bankruptcy, Charles Kendall and his staff are the people to call. You'll get experienced service from his whole team when you do.

Get full bankruptcy consultation and service

Get the personalized legal service you deserve from an attorney who will help you navigate the confusing legal process.

After hours appointments are

available for your convenience.

Legal Experience

Don't let anyone with less experience cause you to lose money in your case. Choose us instead.

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Contact Charles Kendall for a FREE consultation today, and get the legal advice you need to handle your chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy case. There's no obligation when you come to us for help, and if you honor us by allowing us to help you, we offer payment plans to help make it easier.

The entire office working with Attorney Charles Kendall is highly experienced in working with their clients in a caring and helpful manner as they learn how to get relief from creditors and remove their debts. If personalized legal attention during your bankruptcy claim is what you want, you know who to call.