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Bankruptcy FAQ:

 •  What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is something that federal law provides as an option when you need forgiveness of your bills (or discharge of your debts) while protecting most, if not all, of your property and personal belongings.

 •  Who has filed for bankruptcy?

Thousands of Cochise and Santa Cruz County residents have come to us for help going through the bankruptcy process. Many clients had large medical bills which they were unable to pay, and others had suffered a layoff or other loss of income. Some of our clients have chosen bankruptcy to help them resolve credit problems due to a divorce.

 •  Should I file bankruptcy?

If you're struggling under your debt, bankruptcy may allow you to keep your home, car, and personal belongings while eliminating your debt. Bankruptcy seeks to stop foreclosures, repossessions and garnishments to give you a chance to catch up.

 •  Why shouldn't I file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy isn't a solution for every financial problem, but it won't cost you anything to find out if you come to Charles Kendall. We offer free consultations and there's no obligation.

 •  How should I prepare for bankruptcy?

Provide us with the correct information regarding your assets, income, and debts. If you fail to do so or there is incorrect or missing information, your case may be dismissed or you may not have all of your debts removed as you should have. If you purposely supply incorrect information, you may be charged with bankruptcy fraud.

Get in touch with an attorney today who will help guide you through the confusing legal process by choosing Charles Kendall for help. Learn more about chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy and which one is right for you with us.

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